February Sales benefit the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center


February 2, 2017: Immigration lawyer Melanie Zuch got off of an overnight shift at JFK at 6am this morning, where attorneys are still working around the clock to file petitions on behalf of detainees. She was quoted in The New York Times this weekend as one of the first lawyers on the ground at JFK, and continues to work at JFK in shifts along with her colleagues at the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center in New York City.

Melanie's work and the work of the organization encompasses not only immigration legal services for refugees, victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence, and more, but also pro-bono legal services for many at-risk and disenfranchised individuals in New York City as well as training and community building programs. Please visit their website to learn more about the Community Development Project and its sister organizations, and/or to make direct donations.

We will be donating 20% of February sales to the Community Development Project and encourage you to research organizations in your local community that are working at the grassroots level to protect and support at-risk populations.